In Sesotho, when you tell someone to “Atleha” you are telling them to prosper.


By combining “Atleha” and “edu” we want to contribute to quality financial education.


Infrastructure resources for retirement funds

Overview Infrastructure investment is an important tool to create jobs, propel economic recovery, and position our economies for sustainable growth. A number of local and international initiatives and resources are available to investors. This article highlights three resources that may be of interest to retirement funds. Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC) – Summary of SA […]

Understanding the different types of infrastructure investments

Overview At present, Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act doesn’t define infrastructure as a specific category, but is spread across a number of asset classes, such as equity, bonds, loans and private equity. However, in February 2021, National Treasury tabled draft amendments to Regulation 28 that would provide a more precise definition of infrastructure […]

Prescribed assets

Overview Should legislation or regulation relating to the introduction of prescribed assets be formally tabled by the South African government, such assets need to be structured as attractive investment opportunities in order to encourage domestic and international investment into the full spectrum of infrastructure assets in South Africa. What are prescribed assets? The term “prescribed […]

Infrastructure exposure through multiple asset classes

Overview Retirement funds seeking exposure to infrastructure assets have a number of investment instruments or asset classes available to them for investing in infrastructure. Infrastructure across multiple instruments Added to an understanding of the fundamental aspects of infrastructure assets, it is important to appreciate how institutional investors would traditionally approach investing in infrastructure assets. The […]

Long-term investing and infrastructure

Overview Infrastructure assets fall into various categories and have different lifecycles. Investors should have an understanding of this, as it can impact the risk-return profile of an investment, including its ability to match inflation. An economic and social good Infrastructure plays a crucial role in any economy. The availability of transport, communication, electricity, safe water […]

An introduction to infrastructure investments

Overview Infrastructure investments are gaining increasing attention as necessary investments for retirement funds in South Africa. Investing in infrastructure projects presents funds with the opportunity to achieve long-term suitable returns for members, while at the same time contributing towards much-needed economic and socioeconomic outcomes. What is infrastructure investing? Investment in infrastructure – often referred to […]

Publication Vol. 7 – An introduction to infrastructure investments

CONTENTS 02 An introduction to infrastructure investments Read more 04 Long-term investing and infrastructure Read more 06 Infrastructure exposure through multiple asset classes Read more 08 Prescribed assets Read more 10 Infrastructure types Read more 12 Understanding the different types of infrastructure investments Read more 14 Infrastructure resources for retirement funds Read more 17 Register […]

Terminology – useful terms translated into isiXhosa, isiZulu and Sesotho

Imihlomulo yomshado, isehlukaniso kanye nokuthatha umhlalaphansi Esikhwameni sempesheni noma esikhwameni sikadekle (i-provident fund), inzalo yempesheni iyisamba semali lowo oganene naye okumele asithole uma lowo aganene naye esula emsebenzini ngosuku lwesehlukaniso somshado. Lokhu akuchazi ukuthi ilungu lesikhwama somhlalaphansi lidinga ukuhlukanisa inzalo yempesheni yalo phakathi ukuze likhokhele lowo ebeliganene naye ngaphambilini. Linalo ilungelo lokuzikhethela ukukhokha isamba leso […]

Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act: the identification of beneficiaries and dependants (soMthetho wezikhwama Zempesheni: ukuhlonzwa kwabahlomuli/izindlalifa kanye nabantu abebondliwa ngumufi)

Overview South African family structures are diverse. This diversity may include, for example, more than one spouse under a customary marriage. Many families have dependants, who may include the children of deceased siblings, uncles, cousins etc. In some cases these dependants are not formal adoptions or guardianships, which can often be further complicated by remarriage […]