In Sesotho, when you tell someone to “Atleha” you are telling them to prosper.


By combining “Atleha” and “edu” we want to contribute to quality financial education.


Infrastructure investing
Vol. 14

From Wall Street to Main Street
Vol. 13

Retirement fund death benefits
Vol. 12

Sustainable investing 2.0
Vol. 11

An introduction to POPIA
Vol. 10

Understanding hedge funds
Vol. 9

Special edition 2
Climate-related financial disclosures

Retirement funds & risk management
Vol. 8

Introduction to infrastructure investments
Vol. 7

Cultural practices
Vol. 6

Umbrella funds & management committees
Vol. 5

Investment fundamentals 2
Vol. 3

Special edition 1
Environmental stewardship

Investment fundamentals 1
Vol. 2

Governance & ethics for retirement fund trustees
Vol. 1