In Sesotho, when you tell someone to “Atleha” you are telling them to prosper.


By combining “Atleha” and “edu” we want to contribute to quality financial education.

Short articles

How the Principles of Sustainable Insurance support sustainable insurance

South Africa's two-pot retirement system

ESG in the insurance industry

How disaster risk mitigation, reduction and climate resilience promote sustainable insurance

Sustainable investing opportunities in South Africa

The importance of corporate reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Impact investing: an investor's opportunity to generate sustainable financial returns and make a positive difference

How infrastructure investors integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into their investment process

Inflation and how it can affect your retirement

What is an annuity?

Retirement savings vehicles for a dignified retirement

Investing in physical assets - the long game

How to incorporate hedge funds into a retirement fund's investment portfolio

Hedge funds in a volatile market: it's about more than shorting stocks

How changes to Regulation 28 have created an alternative focus

Step 3 - determining appropriate methods of payment

Step 2 - making benefit allocations equitably and fairly

Step 1 - identifying and tracing dependants

An overview of section 37C of the Pension Funds Act

JSE reporting guidance - improving sustainability disclosures

IFRS - setting the global standard

Retirement funds, climate change and sustainable finance

Our government's role in supporting sustainable investment

To invest or not to invest?

Q&A: the role of MANCOs

How South African hedge funds are regulated

What do hedge fund managers do?

Hedge fund strategies: it's not just about short selling

Alternative assets: an overview of hedge funds

A POPIA checklist for retirement funds

Ensuring your retirement fund is POPIA-compliant

How to protect personal information

Will your retirement income be enough?

What are your retirement income options?

Securing your retirement income needs with an annuity

When is the right time to retire?

Investment opportunities presented by the transition to low-carbon economies

Climate risk and investment

Climate risk and scenario analysis

An introduction to climate risk

Infrastructure resources for retirement funds

Understanding the different types of infrastructure investments

Prescribed assets

Infrastructure exposure through multiple asset classes

Long-term investing in infrastructure

An introduction to infrastructure investment

The curious case of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies: should you invest?

What to look for when considering an umbrella fund (part 6)

What to look for when considering an umbrella fund (part 5)

What to look for when considering an umbrella fund (part 4)

What to look for when considering an umbrella fund (part 3)

What to look for when considering an umbrella fund (part 2)

What to look for when considering an umbrella fund (part 1)

Understanding the difference between DB and DC funds

"I am because we are"

Saving and investing in a time of uncertainty