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About us

When South African parents name their children, they often give them names that represent the hopes or aspirations they have for them. They want to “speak life” into their children’s futures and remind them of their purpose.

In Sesotho, when you tell someone to “Atleha” you are telling them to prosper. Our dream for South Africans is for them to prosper through the building blocks of education and technology. By combining “Atleha” and “edu”, we want to “speak life” into the dream of prosperity for the majority of South Africans who have been excluded from quality financial education as a result of apartheid and its legacy, which still persists today.

A large part of savers in South Africa can be reached through retirement fund trustee and member education, making this the primary focus of our work.


Quality investment and savings education

  • We create quality and digestible financial learning bits, publications and interactive education with our partners. (Read more about our funding below.)
  • We focus on trustees and members of retirement fund schemes, specifically those who have not had the opportunities to master finance.
  • We align ourselves to national efforts to improve financial education and access to financial services as envisaged by the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) and Financial Sector Code.

We provide educational content

The Atleha-edu resources on this website are made available to retirement fund trustees and members at no cost. Atleha-edu has full editorial control over educational content and branding.

The website was set up with the support of the Alternative Prosperity Group and is maintained by Six Capitals, a division of Alternative Prosperity. The content on our website is funded by like-minded financial sector organisations, impact investors and foundations. Click here to see our funders

The Alternative Prosperity Group is in the business of enabling organisations to make decisions that will build trust and create wealth for their stakeholders. We do this through the services and products offered by the businesses we are invested in. We want to be a trusted intermediary between those with abundance and those with deficit in society. 

The Alternative Prosperity Foundation works to empower leaders from all walks of life to help guide South Africans towards the freedom they need to be fully human – leaders that can live and lead when it comes to unlocking the potential inherent in diversity. Our dream is to lend them a hand, to equip them, connect them and support them.