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Trustee Training Toolkit – Upskill – Equip – Empower

The new and updated Trustee Training Toolkit (TTK) was launched in September 2023 by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Trustees of all retirement funds in South Africa have to complete the first 11 modules of the TTK within six months of their appointment. It’s the law.

A course with 11 modules can sound like a lot of work but don’t despair. You won’t be spending hours studying thick handbooks. The online modules consist of interactive videos that test your understanding of the content instead of you having to recite information like a parrot.

This publication will answer all your questions and put your mind at rest for what to expect.

We look at:

  • Why is the TTK mandatory?
  • How the TTK online course works
  • What to expect in the modules
  • Organisations and resources that empower trustees with knowledge and continuous development

… and much more!